How to Get Forex Signal?

First register with us. We willsend you a welcome message. If you are interested to buy our signal package,select and pay the amount accordingly (see payment method). When you buy apackage, we confirm your ID to access the signal page and to be sent email youabout our signal with entry and exit alert on continue basis. And get signalthat may be able to make your trading more profitable. 2 or 5 time (twice orfives) in a day, Signal will be provided via email and SMS. So, by assuring above all thethings " FXTDS.COM " gives you confirmation mail for accountactivation .

Why Forex trading?

Forex trading is attractivebecause it offers unparalleled freedoms. A Forex trader can live almostanywhere as long as he/she is within reach of the internet. A Forex trader canwork from home or office, and in some cases, even trade while traveling! AForex trader can usually choose his/her own hours to work since the globalforeign exchange market is open 24 hours a day. A Forex trader avoids manycommon headaches associated with running a business because there is NOinventory, NO shipping, NO billing, NO collections, NO employees, NO commutingand NO dress code. And finally, since Forex traders can potentially earn a veryhigh income, they enjoy the possibility of never, ever working for someone elseagain!

What is a Pip?

A pip is a term used in thecurrency market to represent the smallest incremental move an exchange rate canmake. Depending on context normally one basis point is 0.0001, as is the caseof EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF. In example if the EUR/USD moves from 1.2561to 1.2562 it is one pip.

How many pairs do you provide signal?

Currently we provide signal of 9Pairs EUR/USD, GBP/USD ,USD/CHF USD/JPY.AUD/USD,USD/CAD,EUR/JPY and others pairsignal is our regular pair but we also give many other pair signal .Wesometimes provide commodity signal as special offer for our registered members.

When do you provide your signal?

We may provide signals all thedays round. Our team observes the maket 24 hours and provides signals. If sayspecific we usually provide our signals around 9:00 am to 4: 00 pm (GMT+0) sothat every members can be prepared during this time. If any problem regardinglocal time zone of your country please ask

Do you Close all your order on of the trade?

Yes, we close all our order onthe day of trade usually by 4..30 PM (GMT+0). We may close before or after theprovided time depending on market movement. So our clients need not to thinkabout order pending.

What is Entry signal Exit signal and New Entry?

Our entry signal is initialsignal which is usually provided around 4.30 AM to 5.30 AM (GMT). we provide oneexit on every pair on market. Our client mast closes their trade in this exit.We may provide New Entry signal it will be depending on market movement.

Do you recommend any broker house or trading platform?

We do not recommend any brokerhouse. In order to trade better, we would advise you to look for a good andsuitable forex broker/trading platform. But we recommend our members to use MT4(Meta Trader 4) platform for trading with our system. How do I get my signal?All our signals are sent to the mail. You may get the signal from yourregistered mail or you can take the signal from the website using your emailand login password. It is noted that our exit signals are not sent in ourwebsite. They are sent only in mail.

Why sometimes entry price away from current one?

If the entry price in our analysison forecast post is away from the current one that would mean that we expectthe currency pair to move to that point and from there to start its major trendfor the day/evening.

What should I do if i face delay in getting signal?

All signals are sent based onreal time market. If you face any delay in getting your signal you can take thesignal from our website using your registered email and password or sms on yourphone device.

How many pips profit do you provide in a day?

Our daily profit (pip) depends onmarket movement. It may range 50+ to 200 or even more. We can provide 800+guaranteed pip in a month.

Which payment gateway do you support?

We receive Paypal, Money Booker,Perfect Money, Payza, Neteller, Webmoney. In case of Bank wire,Master Card,Visa card, contact with support department. Payza,Neteller and Webmoney is supported manually.


There are many web sites offeringforex signals, but only a few of them provide their real report andperformance. We report the trades as they happen, with no hidden rules orsubjective criteria. All instructions are given in advance, providing membersfull control of their trading.

What is average stop loss on signal?

Our all signals average stop lossis 40 to 50 pips. But our clients are always safe because we always give updatemarket position for our client, some time we give close signal before hit takeprofit it will be depended on market Movement and news.

Money management on our Forex signal?

Money management is veryimportant for forex trading because forex trading market is high risky market.Our expert Team say please don't take over 5% risk on your total balance .For example it your investment is 1000$ your don't risk over 50$ .our signal isvery safe for any quality investor because after give our signal we also givemarket positions update news .

Why No loss on perform page?

We give our signal via ourclients email after send our signal we give market updates also .if you signalget loss we Give instant 2nd Signal to recovery this loss after close oursignal 100% profit for our client .So our perform  are always give minimum profit for our client.

Have any pending order?

Yes we give some time pendingorder for our clients. But pending order are not always we give pending orderfor some time.

Have any guide line for use signal?

No we have not any guide line foruse our signal if you read our account activation email that's enough for makeprofit 100% with our signal.

Do you have sms signal facility all over the world?

Yes, We have SMS coverage allover the World.

Shall I get Trading Signal both Email and SMS?

Ans: Yes, You will get entryAlert both email and SMS and all updates like TP, SL, modification you will bereceived in your email instantly.

How many signals can I get weekly?

We sent weekly 10-15 signals.

How dose count subscription period?

For one month subscription periodcount as joining date to next same date of the next month e.g 10th October to10th November. To count monthly period this is not required to join 1st ofmonth. In the same way 3 month and 6 month counted.

How your signals look like?

 You can see from our first day to till today's signal in our performance page in details that is great example we never hideanything. Click here to see our trading signal sample .

How many pips you give guaranteed in one month?

We can provide 800+ guaranteedpips in a month.

Will my subscription automatically be renewed?

No, subscription is notautomatically renewed and you credit card not automatically charged at the endof your subscription period, unless you subscribe to the monthly recurring for1 year service (for online payments only). When your subscription expires, ifyou would like to renew it, you should choose a period to subscribe to and makeyour payment. We will also send you a reminding email at the day yoursubscription expires.

Which trading platform or broker can I use to benefit best from forex trading Signal?

In order to trade better, wewould not advice or recommended you use to any forex brokers/trading platform.

How to know more about signal?

Please Mail formore information.