There are two categories of forex trading signals :

There are two categories of forex trading signals :

1. Forex Trading signals generate by automation
2. Forex Trading signals generated directly from traders (human beings)

The most profitable forex signals are those generated by traders who are still actively trader - these always beat out signals that are generated by automation, regardless of the system the automation is modeled after an regardless of how well programmed (and back-tested) it is.And this is are really bad.

However, forex signals generated by automation are marketed far more heavily than those generated by real traders. This is really more a matter of people trying to maximize their profits from sales commissions than what is actually best for the traders. Automated and robot signals can't respond to changes in the market due to news events or even to the natural drift that without exception. They are also limited to one of a few trading strategies.Some person make profit and they known who is best and give signals from (human beings) .If you read this page you can realize for who is best forex signals service provider .

Now the first step in looking for the most profitable forex signals is to eliminate the automated signals and concentrate only on the human generated signals.

The second step is to evaluate the quality of the human generated signals. Here are some important considerations.

1. The signals should arrive in real time - as close to instant as possible. Timing is very important in forex trading and if you are going to follow what a real trader does, you have to get the signals "instantly" .Instant market execution no pending order.

2. You don't want to receive signals in a vacuum. Look for tutorials, webinars ,videos, articles, forums, etc - i.e. you want to get an education, not just signals in a vacuum. This an explanation of why a trader is choosing to do things they way they are doing them. It is best to also have a place to ask questions and also perhaps interact with other forex traders who are using the same signals. You can use your won brain for follow signals service providers activities .

3. If any providers use robot on their website you can find this robotic system with your strategy. When any signals service providers use robot they must give all facility for their clients .For example Trade copier ,Whatsapp ,EA some spatial facilities. Just think when signals create for best market position and news expert trader can't take any time for waste . So how he give this spatial facilities .But this facilities are very important for clients that's why signals service providers give user facilities. If signals service provider give signals from traders (human beings) they can't give all spatial facilities .

First we give our signals via emails only but our clients request for sms and instant web page signals because email some time delivery late and traders facing problem for signals informations.